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New Providers Wishing to Apply 

Thank you for your interest in participating with Majoris Health Systems®. Below is an application for membership that will need to be completed and submitted for consideration. Majoris® values a partnership with providers that is mutually beneficial and provides a broad spectrum of adequate medical care for patients throughout the states in which we are certified. Applying with our organization is not a guarantee of participation. We will review your application and determine if additional providers of your specialty are needed in the network. Please be sure to provide a complete listing of your providers and their specialties when submitting your membership application to aid us in the review process. Before a contract is extended, each Provider wishing to participate will need to submit their individual credentialing application. Majoris® will request this credentialing once your membership application has been reviewed. Please do not submit a credentialing application before it is requested by Majoris®.

Step 1: Apply to become a member of the Majoris® Network

Majoris Application for Membership

Step 2: Credentialing Applications

After review of your membership application, Majoris® will request credentialing on all your eligible providers. Please be sure and fill out the appropriate state form below, including the addendum at the end.  Please note credentialing applications only need to be filled out if requested by Majoris®, or if you are seeking to add new providers under an existing Majoris® contract.

Oregon Provider Credentialing Application

Texas  Provider Credentialing Application 

Montana Provider Credentialing Application 

Wyoming  Provider Credentialing Application 

Step 3: If Majoris® credentialing standards are met, a contract will be extended

You may return your application to:

By Mail:
Majoris Health Systems, Inc
Attention: Provider Relations
P.O. Box 1728
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

By Fax:

By Email:
[email protected]