businesswomanMajoris Health Systems® is a company that was founded on integrity, honesty and the credo to provide the highest caliber of customer service. We strive to deliver the best possible service at the most reasonable cost to save employers dollars that can be spent more productively on wages and the growth of their company. Majoris Health Systems® is the industry leader in workers’ compensation claim’s solutions by providing our clients with Managed Care.

Workers’ compensation insurers and self-insured employers use our services to reduce the exposure on work related claims. We provide injured workers with cost effective medical treatment and the disability management needed to get them back on the job as quickly as possible. Care is provided within a contracted provider network.

Services we provide include:

Managed Care Services

  • Claims Administration
  • Medical Review & Oversight by fellowship trained, board certified Physician Reviewers
  • Facilitate treatment and provide support for patients, providers and claims examiners

Provider Network Management

  • 100% owned network
  • Recruit appropriate providers in needed geographical areas
  • Negotiated Discounts
  • Provider credentialing
  • Provider compliance & education
  • Accessible, on-line provider directory

Electronic Data Management

  • Communication interfacing
  • Customized reporting

Bill Review

  • Audits against state fee schedule, Majoris® precertification decisions, and network status of provider