Majoris Health Systems® is a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization founded in 1991 in Oregon as Oregon Health Systems, Inc. (OHS). Our corporate headquarters is just outside of Portland, Oregon. Our company has grown to become the industry leader, not only in size and geographic coverage in the states where we do business, but in our reputation for quality and cost reductions.

In Oregon and Montana we build and maintain Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). Similar to HMOs that are common in the group health arena, MCOs contract with workers’ compensation insurers and self-insured employers to provide exclusive medical care and disability management for employees injured on the job. While MCOs specifically do not handle the legal aspects of a claim for benefits, MCOs can and do play a critical role in managing medical care and return-to-work determinations that can have a significant impact on reducing workers’ compensation costs.

In addition to our certified workers’ compensation managed care products, Majoris® also provides various cost management services in Texas, Wyoming, Washington and Alaska. In Texas we operate as a certified Health Care Network (HCN), and in Wyoming we build and manage a Work Injury Provider Network.

Majoris® historically operated under several brands: Oregon Health Systems (OHS), Montana Health Systems (MHS), OMNI Health Systems, and Majoris Health Systems®. In 2012, our corporate name became Majoris Health Systems® in all states where we do business.