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oregonMajoris® is a managed care organization (MCO) utilized by workers’ compensation insurers and self-insured employers to provide injured workers appropriate, cost-effective medical treatment and disability management, and to ensure the claims process and  medical care are moving forward.

• An MCO provides a network of physicians and other medical providers who understand occupational injury and illness care.

• Medical and disability management services, working with the MCO panel of physicians and other health care professionals to promote cost-effective, timely, and appropriate medical care, and to move injured workers towards the highest level of physical functioning possible as quickly as possible.

MCOs do not decide whether to accept or deny workers’ compensation claims, but do provide medical and disability management expertise.

What Sets Majoris® Apart from other MCOs?

• No Conflict of Interest – Majoris® is the only MCO that is not owned by a hospital or large healthcare provider. We are free to contract with providers and health care systems based on quality, service, and cost vs. alliance to one hospital or network system.

• Experienced Physician Network – Our providers are selected based on proven results and experience in the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses.

• Proactive Approach to Medical Management – Our approach to medical management is to follow the care of the injured worker from enrollment into our system until resolution, identifying key events and communicating on a regular basis with physicians and claims adjusters, and utilizing our cadre of physician advisors and our Medical Director to work with a panel physician on difficult or complex cases.

We’re everywhere you need us . . .

First certified in limited areas in 1991, Majoris® now offers services to workers throughout the entire state of Oregon. We are the only MCO certified for the entire state.

Oregon Worker’s Compensation Division Rules and Fee Schedules

Majoris® adheres to the rules and regulations outlined by the Oregon Worker’s Comp Division (WCD). Reimbursment for medical services are based on the fee schedule also designated by WCD. For a complete list of reimbursements and rules click on the following links.

Link to Fee Schedule payment tables and Fee Schedule Calculator 

Link to Oregon Medical Fee and Payment Rules, Medical Service Rules, MCO Rules, and Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 436