shutterstock_147843854Majoris Health Systems® has a well screened, well educated, well managed panel of medical providers, whom we hold to a high standard.  Providers who apply to join the network must agree to comply with stringent medical documentation and timeline responsibilities.  Our provider relations staff keeps in close contact with our providers through on-site visits for ongoing compliance, education and relationship building.  Our networks are exclusively for workers’ compensation claims. We do not lease other networks nor do we lease our networks to others.  Majoris’® Provider Relations department recruits new medical providers based on specialty need and geographical location and demonstrated ability and experience in the treatment of work-related injuries and illness.

Our credentialing procedures are more stringent than the industry standard

  • In addition to the standard credentialing protocols followed by the managed care industry, Majoris® requires redacted chart notes for each provider being considered that document treatment afforded to injured workers.
  • Those chart notes are reviewed by the Majoris® Provider Relations team to ensure that there is evidence of sound medical reasoning and decision making in the formulation of treatment plans as well as a pattern of appropriate cooperation with return -to-work efforts. If there are any concerns they are then reviewed by the Medical Director for a final determination.
  • Majoris’® review of provider treatment patterns is among the highest in the industry
  • In states that allow it, we can also build custom workers’ compensation networks for customers who want or need this option.

Majoris® requires timelines for every aspect of the treatment and recovery, including return to restricted and full duty.

Key Timelines Include

Initial Documentation: Required within 5 workdays of the medical appointment

Insurer Inquiries: Required within 5 workdays of an insurer inquiry

Updated Treatment Plan: Required within 5 workdays of the medical appointment

Physical Status Form: Required within 24 hours of medical appointment

Final Treatment Report: Required within 24 hours of medical appointment